Plumbing in Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and London, UK

Why choose Bradley Johnson Plumbing & Heating? Receive a friendly and professional service with fully insured staff who are gas registered.

Bathrooms, Ensuites & Cloakrooms

Bathrooms, Ensuites & Cloakrooms in Suffolk, Essex and surrounding areas

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Kitchens in Sudbury, Essex and surrounding areas

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Shower fitting / repair in Sudbury

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Tank Installations

Tank Installations in Sudbury, Essex and surrounding areas

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Installed to the highest standard, whether its supply and fit or just fit.

All aspects of bathroom or en-suite installations are carried out including the plumbing, electrics, joinery, tilling and decorating. We can advise you on positioning and layouts to maximise the room potential.

At Bradley Johnson Plumbing we design, Supply and repair luxury Kitchens to suit every budget. We provide a wide range of kitchen appliances, kitchen accessories and kitchen essentials so it’s easy to find the best products for you.

Whether you’re looking for taps and sinks, oven or kitchen furniture, there’s a great selection of appliances and materials to choose from. These are not just for homes, we also have kitchen products for trade kitchens as well.

A fantastic range of showers, shower enclosures, shower screens, wet room panels and shower trays are available from leading manufacturers, so it’s easy to find the right look.

And if the water flow is a bit low there’s no need to worry, shower pumps will improve performance.

Whether looking for electric showers or wetrooms, Bradley Johnson Plumbing has the solution for you.

Bradley Johnson Plumbing & Heating have competent and experienced engineers are fully trained to complete any necessary remedial works in accordance with all current legislation.

We offer comprehensive range of remedial services and water safety solutions including water tank replacements and upgrades to Water Regulations 1999 standards

Hot water cylinders

Hot water cylinder installation in Sudbury, Essex and surrounding areas

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Unvented Cylinders

Unvented cylinder installation & repairs

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Water Softeners

Water softener installations in Sudbury, Essex and surrounding areas

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Washing Machine & Dishwasher installation

Dishwasher & Washing Machine installation

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Fitting hot water cylinders doesn’t have to be complicated. An expert is on hand with advice and guidance on the best cylinder for your hot water needs. Whether they are for an existing home, commercial property or new build, Bradley Johnson’s professional team are here to assist you.

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Unvented water cylinders offer a high water flow rate for faster hot water delivery, they work on a balanced water pressure system. These types of systems mean there is no fear of frozen pipes in your loft which feed through hygienic hot water.

The installation is neater and quicker and they have a long life Duplex stainless steel interior. On installation, the energy efficiency levels increase and the system is able to heat the water quickly, retaining he water temperature due to the insulation levels.

Water softening can literally save thousands of pounds ever year, money which is spent on plumbers and water-systems’ maintenance.

We provide efficient water softening solutions for every home and ensure proper installation and testing for a number of plumbing systems. Not every home is built the same way, and we make sure our water softening solutions are ideally suited to the uniqueness of every home.

Using water softeners in hard water areas will ensure a longer lifeline, and slower degeration of pipes in a plumbing system.

If you’re moving around your white goods and you want to relocate your washer, or if you’re adding a dishwasher to your kitchen or utility room, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got all the correct inflow and outflow pipes in place for your appliances to function correctly.

Our qualified team can take a look at your current pipe work and make sure everything’s in place and configured properly, so that you can get your new appliance up and running right away!