Heating & Boiler servicing in Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, and London UK

Why choose Bradley Johnson Plumbing & Heating? Receive a friendly and professional service with fully insured staff who are gas registered.

Boiler Installation

Boiler Installations in Suffolk, Essex and surrounding areas

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Boiler Servicing

Boiler Servicing in Suffolk, Essex and surrounding areas

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Boiler repairs & breakdown

Boiler repairs from a trusted Sudbury/Essex firm

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Central Heating Installations

Central Heating Installations in Sudbury, Essex and surrounding areas

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Our Sudbury based plumbers install a high standard of full central heating systems.

Replacing old, expensive to run systems and boilers with new A rated condensing boilers. Whether it’s a new build or renovation you can rest assured that you will be getting the best products to suit your needs at the highest standard.

If your boiler is coming up for its annual service and you’re in the Sudbury, Essex or London area, then contact us and we’ll take care of it. Our great value service is centred on the customer, with our friendly staff delivering prompt, professional standards.

When we examine your boiler, you’ll receive the most comprehensive standards of work in Sudbury.

A thorough evaluation ensures that your heating system will remain at its most efficient.

Regular servicing will minimise the chances of your boiler breaking down, but it sometimes happens. If you need a repair, you’ll get the same thorough performance from us. We’ll troubleshoot the problem swiftly, and we’ll get things back in full working order in no time, and always at a fantastic and affordable price.


All our central heating installations and upgrades are carried out to the highest standards, whether it is a boiler change or a 20+ radiator central heating system our standards are always the same.

We install only the best products that are on the marketplace ensuring quality, durability and reliability.

Power flushing and system descaling

Power flushing and system descaling in Sudbury, Essex, London, UK.

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Gas leak detection and repairs

Gas leak detection and repairs in Sudbury and Essex.

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Replacement radiators and valves

Replacement radiators in Sudbury, Essex and surrounding areas

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Magnetic heating system filters

Magnetic heating system filters

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When hard water is heated, calcium and magnesium contained in the water can build up a limescale in the central heating system, especially in boiler’s heat exchanger. This creates an insulating layer, reducing heat transfer to the water and reducing efficiency of the boiler.

Bradley Johnson Plumbing & Heating can solve the problem by using a pump and descaling chemicals which dissolve limscale leaving your system completely clean.

The gases used in home heating systems, such as methane, propane and butane, are explosive in nature and have to be dealt with very carefully.

Remember that gas is lighter than the air we breathe so it rises and can quickly accumulate in large quantities in your attic or upstairs bedrooms; by the time you smell gas it may already be too late.

Our professional leak detection team are Gas Safe registered and able to serve customers throughout the South East. Contact us today.

We provide free, fully specified quotations for new radiator installations and replacements. What’s more, we can offer you great advice on the best type of radiator with regard to cost, power output and reliability for your circumstances and your property.

A new radiator can be fitted anywhere along the flow and return of the central heating pipes, so choose somewhere that it will be least intrusive but still able to radiate heat to the room.

Types of domestic radiator Radiators come in all shapes and sizes. Generally though, the double radiator is the most popular choice for warming the home. Double radiators have a double bar on the inside as opposed to a single heated bar and therefore release more heat.

Magnetic heating system filters are small yet successful permanent magnetic filters being installed in the ‘return’ pipe work of the central heating system, if possible in close proximity to your central heating boiler. These can be installed throughout Sudbury, Essex and Cambridgeshire. They have various benefits all releating to the use of cutting back. Reducing gas consumption, reducing system wear and tear plus reducing central heating boiler breakdowns.

These characteristics packaged mean the return over expense for any filter will be much quicker in comparison other sorts of energy efficiency/maintenace units.